Good Story Press Guidelines for Writers

Bergen Peak, Photo by S. Erwin

[We are not considering new submissions for publication at this time.]

We are looking for great stories by great writers, whether the world has discovered you or not.

As a part-time (at least until we are swept away by demand for our insightful fiction titles and are forced, kicking and screaming, into devoting one or more full-time editors to the enterprise) small publishing house, our present goal is to publish one excellent title per month.

If you think your short story, novel or story collection would fit well in our catalog, we encourage you to send your manuscript to us for consideration. Please note the following:

  1. We will consider manuscripts of any length. While we suspect that readers who fork over 99 cents for an eBook would like to be entertained for at least an hour in exchange for their investment, we think that a good writer can deliver high quality in small packages. So, we are looking for at least 99 cents worth of entertainment value, regardless of how long it takes a reader to derive that value from the work.
  2. We will not consider any submission that includes depictions of underage sexual activity or incest. Almost any other subject matter is fair game. We are very interested in stories that depict visions of the future based on extrapolation from the world as it exists today. If your story includes zombies, vampires, or anything based on Christian end-of-times scenarios, it is highly unlikely that we will read it to the end.
  3. Send your manuscript via email attachment to:  editor (at) goodstorypress (dot) com. We write the address that way to foil automated spam robots. If you can figure out how to use it, we will assume you are human.
  4. Simultaneous submissions are OK. The arrogance of the traditional publishing industry in holding exclusive submissions hostage for months on end is abhorrent in the extreme. Do let us know, though, if your manuscript is accepted elsewhere before we get back to you on our decision.
  5. We will respond to you as quickly as we can by email. Our response will be one of two things: A) We love your manuscript and want to publish it, or B) We do not want to publish your manuscript. If you receive response (B), it could be because we are overwhelmed with submissions and can’t accept all of the great works offered to us, we like your story but it just doesn’t fit the vision we have for GoodStoryPress, or your writing sucks and we don’t have the guts to tell you so explicitly.
  6. We do not edit submissions to try to make them printable. If you don’t understand the basics of grammar, don’t expect us to clean up your work for you.
  7. If we accept your manuscript, we will offer you a contract giving us exclusive digital rights to publish your work in exchange for giving you a royalty equal to 70 percent of all net revenues we receive for your work. We don’t have a team of high-powered attorneys, so our contract will be simple and easy to understand.
  8. Don’t expect to get rich if we publish your work. The market for digital editions is dynamic and growing, but prices per copy tend to be low (99 cents to several dollars is the norm). We will do a limited amount of work to publicize the titles in our catalog, but do not have a paid advertising budget.
  9. If we accept your work for publication, we will expect you to provide a suitable e-book cover for your manuscript. You can do it yourself, hire a high-dollar design firm to do it for you, or we can suggest some reasonably priced artists that would be happy to create a cover for under fifty bucks. As a last resort, our editors will hammer a cover together using very basic skills and a paucity of creative talent.

We look forward to seeing your unpublished masterpiece!