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Quick reading that is ideal for uploading to your Kindle, Nook or other e-reader so you can take a reading break during train rides, flights, or while you relax at home or on the beach.

New Short Stories of Crime from John Russo

Murder, Mayhem, Mystery is a new collection of crime stories from John Russo. These stories of crime forensics, extortion, murder, and mystery are just the right recipe for keeping yourself awake and entertained as you sit on the train or plane on your way home from a long day at work.

Short Fiction Depicting Dystopian Futures

Mutant Trappers by John Erwin Read this “tail” of the future for an interesting look at the possibilities of life in a post-nuclear-war future. Set in the Everglades in a remote future, you will enjoy the story of Diablo and how he came to live among The People.

Short Fiction for Brief Reading Interludes

Check out our fascinating short story collections. Reading short stories is a good way to relax on those daily train or bus commutes. A good short story is an excellent diversion if you need a break in the midst of doing homework or sitting through a boring lecture. Well-crafted short fiction will stimulate your mind…