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Audiobooks Coming Soon

An audiobook production of “Into the Snow” is coming soon. You can pre-order your copy now and get a 40% discount from the $24.95 retail price for this 3-CD audiobook. We will ship your copy as soon as it rolls off the press!

A Legend from the Colorado Gold Rush

Mount Silverheels dominates the landscape overlooking Fairplay, Como and other Colorado mining towns in the northern end of South Park. Legend has it that the mountain was named for a dance-hall girl. Into the Snow: The Testimony and Last Will of Jedediah P. Carpenter is a new novel by John Erwin built around the legend…

Short Fiction Depicting Dystopian Futures

Mutant Trappers by John Erwin Read this “tail” of the future for an interesting look at the possibilities of life in a post-nuclear-war future. Set in the Everglades in a remote future, you will enjoy the story of Diablo and how he came to live among The People.